Cev Your Young Christian’s First Bible Caja de 24


CEV Your Young Christian’s First Bible Case of 24 – $311.76
Catalog # C105554
ISBN: 9781585160761
Print Page This complete Children’s Bible comes with 32 full-color illustrations that bring the Bible to life! You and your young readers will appreciate the uncompromising simplicity of the Contemporary English Version.
Features include:
Chronology of the Bible
Mini-Dictionary of the Bible
Book introductions and outlines
Easy-to-read text
32 full-color drawings bring biblical scenes to life
Available in single copies and in case lots.
A recommended gift for First Communion.
Hardcover. 1592 pgs. (6 ½ x 9 ½ in.)
Interconfessional edition with Deuterocanonical and Apocryphal Books also available.

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